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Zakia AlZakeya TV Series

Zakia is Majid TV’s first superhero series that celebrates girl power!

Zakia is unlike any superhero you’ve ever seen.
Some say she’s a nerd, others say she can never compete with male superheroes but she proves the naysayers wrong every single time. Incognito student by day and superhero by night, she’s the hero the world needs right now. And the secret to her power? Her eyeglasses!

Zakia series is based on the famous comic series with the same name which is published in Majid Magazine.

Jump was handed the responsibility of transforming the comic series to TV, which was very challenging because of the huge number of backgrounds per episode, almost a new major location, and multiple guest characters each episode.

Season 1 comes in 26 episodes x 11-12 Minutes, and it’s almost the middle way in the production.

For the series intro, Jump team managed every single step in the making of this wonderful piece of art, Jump was responsible for direction, lyrics, music, storyboard, layout, animation, backgrounds and compositing.

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