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The Legend of Antara

Antara ibn Shaddad. Slave. Warrior. Poet.

The Legend of Antara brings to life the mythology of this much-celebrated hero, along with many other characters from the ancient era of Arabia, in a sweeping adventure where fact and fantasy seamlessly fuse into one.

The first issue in a new series exploring the legendary tales of Antara, re-imagined by Laith Allawi and illustrated by Eslam Aboshady, Ahmed Nabil, and Mohamad AbdelMonem.

When a mysterious stranger emerges unexpectedly from the desert, Antara's adventures begin in earnest. Embarking on a heroic quest across the desert, will he be able to achieve those ambitions he holds most dear? Obtaining the respect of his tribe, winning his freedom, and perhaps, earning the affections of the woman he loves from afar.

Now available for kindle on Amazon:


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